[Podcast]: The End of Russiagate?

I recently appeared on New Zealand’s finest left-wing politics podcast “1/200” alongside Twitter’s @kyledchurch, @BMarchetich and @philipsophy to talk about where to from here for those invested in Russiagate narratives. The consensus was that sadly the grip of post-politics and fantasy of white knight bureaucrats is too strong to properly confront the failures of American liberalism. Click through here to see my upcoming chapter in the Routledge Handbook of Psychoanalysis on post-politics. Additionally I have a Journalism Studies manuscript which looks at Russiagate as a way consolidating a profession in crisis through ritualistic performance of scandal and soaring Murrow-esque rhetoric.

Check out 1/200 on iTunes and give them a review. The more critical podcasts voices we can get coming out of New Zealand the better.

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