My academic work encompasses my passion for journalism, politics and social change. I came to postgraduate study as a media practitioner keen to explore theoretical perspectives of the field. From my Doctorate entitled “Liberalism and its Populist Excess” I have developed a research agenda that has both presaged the Trump moment and the role of new and affective forms of media in driving global populism.


ICA Conference, July 2016, Fukuoka Japan

I have taught at the University of the South Pacific, Victoria University and the University of Otago. The range of courses I have developed and taught include applied courses in broadcast journalism, documentary film, print and online media; research methods for social science, communication theory and media, culture and identity.  My approach to teaching can be defined by hands-on mentorship, empowerment and a sensitivity to diverse learning styles and cultures. At USP my students from largely disadvantaged backgrounds have competed with the best student journalists in Australasia claiming OSSIE awards for broadcast items dealing with youth suicide and sexual harassment in taxis. My students have claimed scholarships from Deutche Welle to report from the COP23 and have been featured in the France 24 program The Observers for their climate advocacy journalism.  

My research has been published in leading journalism studies, communications, media and cultural studies academic journals such as Journalism, tripleC, International Journal of Cultural Studies and Boundary2. A full repository of my publications is available at academia. Peabody Awards director Professor Jeffrey Jones has described my work as a “fantastic weaving together of psychoanalytic theory, social movement literature, post-structuralism and new media theory”.

Olivier Jutel Academic CV

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