10565074_1574200362813608_5386849589421806754_n copyRadio has been one of my true loves and a great outlet for my ides and passions. In 2008 I joined Radio One as a volunteer hosting my own politics program called The Revolution Will Not Televised. The show fused global songs of protest and uplift with interviews featuring scholars, activists, artists, writers and politicians including Noam Chomsky, Emory Douglas, Jane Kelsey, Buckshot and Meteria Turei. In 2013 The Revolution won a Radio Star Award for “Best Variety Show”.

Boots CLubnight FINAL.jpgAs program manager at Radio One between 2013-2014 I helped volunteer programers develop their ideas and on-air presence, served as a production jack-of-all-trades, and worked promoting our gigs. The undeniable highlight among a series of great One Club Nights and Onefests was bringing Boots Riley, frontman of the Oakland hip-hop crew The Coup, to Chick’s Hotel.

I continue to be a frequent contributor to the Radio One Breakfast and Politics shows and appeared on Radio New Zealand to discuss the 2016 US Presidential elections.

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